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The only post

2008-04-08 14:46:30 by Jon-86

This is here because im sick of that little smile thats crying beside the message "You don't have any news posts. Why not make one now?" If they had it as the confused smiley beside the message then it wouldnt matter. But that little bugger is just a mood killer.

Anyway if anyones going to post a comment. Make it interesting or.
1. You wont get a reply.
2. It makes you look like a stupid little kid. With no life.
3. It will be deleted when I get around to it, or I might just leave it so people can see what a stupid little kid you are, enough said!

So here is the only post that will ever be on this page!

The only post


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2008-04-14 17:02:56

lol i like it


2008-05-14 12:33:29

I wish I could speak Gaelige.



2008-05-14 19:42:22

Can you prove proactively that this is the only post that will ever be on this page? I doubt it. You may not currently intend to post further news posts here, but that in no way guarantees that you won't, and so I propose that the last statement in your supposed only news post is, while not necessarily false, certainly an uncertainty.
However, if you dig a little deeper, you'll notice that ordinarily, each news post is put on a separate page, as in t/105780, etc. That would tell us that your statement is true in technicality, if not in spirit.
But we must also consider the case where you click on the news button on a user's page. If you do so, you find yourself on a page containing a certain number of posts. If the user has only posted once, there will be only one on the page. If they have posted more than once, likely more posts will be on that page, though there is the as yet not researched possibility that a lengthy post would fill up the entire page, and subsequent posts would form new pages. For the moment we shall assume this would not be possible. Perhaps the page creation goes by posts on a page, not length of posts, or some other unconsidered possibility may be true.
Now, if, potentially, you were to break your current trend and hope, and post more news posts on your account, that user news page would gain posts, and the technical correctness of your statement earlier mentioned would now be null and void as well. For the previous statement, it is given that the only one post you have currently posted is shorter than the theoretical limit we described, and though you could have at some point edited the post, assuming newgrounds does not change that ability, though considering past trends towards expanding user customization and command that is unlikely, since we earlier stated that we would not be considering the possibility of post length ruling page length, we will again rule that out of our consideration for now.
So, in conclusion, we have two basic possibilities. One, that if one were to view the news post on it's own page, it's last line's logic would hold true; and two, that if it were to be viewed on the multiple posts page, it would revert to its variable status pending new, changed, or deleted news posts.
Basically, it's a matter of how you look at it.

(Updated ) Jon-86 responds:

Cool an interesting post! From what I can see. Each news post on a userpage is given its own page. And comments are linked with it. I have yet to see a news post on someones page that uses pagination to split the comments onto multiple pages.

So aye this is the only post that will ever be on this page! As I dont have enough time to and cant be bothered making any more news posts on my user page :)


2008-06-03 08:21:01

How sad...


2008-08-03 13:29:38

yo Truth was here


2008-09-22 12:46:01

I'm sorry.


2008-11-12 01:49:04

Great flash, believe it!


2008-11-12 01:49:45



2008-11-22 14:56:07

(1) sexy fake people want to engage in sexual intercourse with you!


2008-11-23 12:37:50

That was my fault. I needed a test subject, and, well...


2008-11-23 13:56:56



2009-01-03 19:57:44

Very interesting post. Although, as stated by OneWhoListens, and contrary to your previous motives, I would definitely enjoy any and all further news posts by you, consider that they aren't of an horrid or distasteful nature. That being said, I fully hope your future endeavors, or not-endeavors lead you into multiple pages of news articles pertaining to you and only you!

Cheers, eh? (I do believe I just cross-referenced to two very different language slangs... oh I'm bad... )

Jon-86 responds:

Hey you almost convinced me to change my mind and make a news post saying that you did. But I cant, if I start posting here it would lead me to waste more time that I can't afford to waste this semster. Also I've decided against posting my thoughts online. Some shit you just have to keep to yourself.

Also you do get Canadian englishmen I have heard many a Cheers, eh. From the couple of times a've been over their :)


2009-01-05 21:23:58

do you like pizza?


2009-01-06 13:01:16

Scotland - Glasgow FTW


2009-03-01 16:07:35

Ha! I don't even have a first news post. Yet.


Jon-86 responds:

It's the wee things that get to me now and then, a guess you can suffer the crying smile emoticon better than me :)


2009-03-14 13:26:07

So what's your opinion on the whole Barracks shooting thing and the inevitable shitstorm that has already begun?


2009-03-17 20:03:22

Random thought, but do you live anywhere around dundee? I don't know You're the only person other than myself I know from scotland that actively participated in the BBS :P

(Updated ) Jon-86 responds:

I'm not from Dundee I'm a weegie, Their are a few Scots on the BBS though. They have even gotten together for a drink around my neck of the woods, but I've never been to anything like that. rch/topic/Glasgow


2009-04-05 22:16:19

Good evening, mah lad.


2009-06-08 18:30:40

What is this "old firm" thing in your banner?

(Updated ) Jon-86 responds:

" _Firm" <- that explains it. However the point of that banner is a simple one. People assume problems sectarianism / racism / bigotry etc are "old firm problems" They say "one side is as bad as the other" meaning the utter bile that comes from The huns/loyalists/Scotland's shame! is ok because "we must be doing it to them also" but this is nowhere near true.

It is like being tarred with the same brush as they say. But Celtic supporters don't have the same mentality as the huns, they don't go looking for Catholics/Pakis/Black/Immigrants/
etc to beat, stab or kill.


2009-07-08 05:01:49

Sorry to call you out, but you were one of the few people I saw who knew how to code in C++. Can you please help me with a small, small, beginner problem?

Jon-86 responds:

Make a thread in the programming forum!


2009-08-29 10:22:05

i believe that this will be the only post.


2009-10-29 18:39:03

So, I was having a wee hoke around on the BNP website ('know your enemy' and all that) and there's this section on their policies for the six counties.

They vow: "NORTHERN IRELAND - an end to sectarianism!"

Adjacent to that statement is an outline of nothern Ireland coloured in with the Ulster banner.

They also refer to it as 'Ulster', speak solely of the IRA when they refer to 'terrorists', and say that they want to end sectarianism by 'welcoming' the Republic into the UK. They also make ambiguous threats towards Sinn Fein.

And on top of that, I personally find it a bit weird that they think of both us and yous lot as 'indigenous British'.

I'd imagine you'd be no fan of the BNP, so I was wondering about what you thought of them more specifically?

Jon-86 responds:

Its just them trying to win votes from people who dont know any better, the BNP also put out a rebel CD for sale in order to try and win some Irish votes over here.
2009/02/bnp-selling-irish-republi can-music.html

Basically they are/were trying to compare the Irish national struggle to their own even though its two opposite forms of nationalism. Trying to appeal to the average person who doesn't care what its about and views one side being as bad as the other.

But you canny help but laugh at the contradiction!

- an end to sectarianism ~ introduced by the protestant state for protestant people!
- 'welcoming' the Republic ~ lets hope we can put slavery and civil rights abuses behind us.
-refer to it as 'Ulster', ~ dose that include Cavan, Donegal, and Monaghan?

When they talk about Sinn Fein and say "No one with links to a terrorist organisation should be allowed to enter government" that would apply more to the DUP to be honest and everyone before them.

Last but not least the definition of indigenous "born or engendered in, native to a land or region, especially before an intrusion, especially of plants and indigenous peoples" meaning if you were born here then you are indigenous regardless of race or beliefs! Someone needs to buy the BNP a dictionary ;-)


2010-05-15 19:42:40


Your a Glasgow man are you? You seem to be of a Republican/nationalist ideology, don't get bogged down in it man. Its always been an orange vs. green fight and it always will be just don't let it consume you.

Also sorry to here that Celtic lost the SPL this year to Rangers, Lennon will take em to the top next time :)
Was born In Edinburgh myself and my parents decided to move back to Ireland.

Nice posting to you :)


2010-06-14 12:59:48

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2010-07-25 03:16:25

Where do you get your smiley faces from? O_o

(Updated ) Jon-86 responds:

I've collected them over the years from various forums I've posted on. Ones that I found interesting or funny. Used to use them on MSN when I actually used MSN to talk to people.


2010-07-25 03:28:04

You're a condescending prick.
But I'm unsure if you can read this all the way up there on your high horse.


2011-03-04 02:31:36

Looking forward to your next post. :D


2011-05-13 04:02:53

Wreckages/Jon might one day leave NG or something then maybe he'll let you have
the account or account name or something

Real life name usernames are overrated though

Jon-86 responds:

Aye he might, although a did PM someone and asked for the name about half a year before Wreckages managed to get it. I always use my first name on sites, for no particular reason.

Not the end of the world though, people know my by the name I have now so its doing its job...